Pastors & Pastors Wife Conference

Pastors Conference we started in 1994 and Pastors wive conference was started in 2007and bucket ministry adopted it in 2016 as a solution to prevent water diseases.  in 2017 we went to Kenya for the Pastors conference and we distributed 000 water filters as a tool of evangelism. we also distributed bibles, medicines . We train 15-20 Pastors and how to do a follow-up and hope to achieve clean water in the country while spreading the word of God.

Testimonies : from 2017 we saw over 200 people give their lives to Christ in one village which resulted in an instant church planting.

Pastors Wife conference aims to uplift women and empowerment them to be entreprenuers in the sphere of influence. last year women were given capital to start small busineeses and alot came to know Christ through this

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